Sunday, May 20, 2012

The difference a day makes :)

Nothing on Saturday, some sprouts on Sunday. :) Mixed flower seeds in this pot.
My salads are starting to appear! Saturday vs. Sunday
Another flowerpot
These are two different pots, the one below is the only one that hasn't shown any improvements.
The seeds were from over a year ago, so they might be dead?
Small things have kept me happy this weekend, one of them is watching my plants grow. :) I like green things and flowers, but am absolutely terrible with them! Hopefully these will live up to "adulthood"! :P


PS. Kinda nervous about tomorrow, so I think it best to go to bed now.


  1. Hey! What a beautiful thing to grow your own plants! what did you have? Well the last one you said you have them like a uyear in there and no result? what did you plant? maybe is dead you should make that all over!!

    1. This time I planted some mixed flower seeds, two types of lettuce, and a couple of herbs. :) Last summer I got some random green plantsprouts for free, but two of them died when I replanted them, one of them started slowly dying after replanted, and I don't know what happened with the second-to-last one, I think I forgot to water it at first and then gave it too much water perhaps? I'm really bummed about that one, it was cool and had red leaves. :( I only have one left; it has very thin and long green leaves and is impossible to kill. :D
      The year before I had two strawberry plants and a few flowers, but they got invaded by bugs and died because of those nasty little critters. :( Maybe I'll have better luck this year! :)


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