Thursday, November 27, 2014

Rogue giveaway!

(Just a quick update at work on my lunchbreak, my computer is still with Mr. J in Helsinki, hopefully getting fixed...)

My fantabulous friend Tiina aka the incredibly talented Rogue is having a giveaway to celebrate her 1st year! ♥ You can participate in the giveaway by following her blog, Facebook page and sharing the post in either or both.
And here's what's up for grabs!
Go follow her and good luck in the giveaway! ^_^

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Halloween, part II: Halloweener

We had another Halloween party hosted by Tiina, Tinde and myself on the 31st. I dressed up in the morning so I could scare my coworkers - successfully too. I didn't have a specific costume, so I ended up throwing on a wig, messy makeup, fake blood and a long poofy skirt. The horns were an impulse thing I did in the morning.

Managed to scare a couple of coworkers with this getup, tee hee hee ;)

I rushed off to Tiina's place straight from work to help her with the decorations and got some last minute shopping done when Mr. J got there.

The paper garlands were from Tiger, we also had a bat-one. And lots of spiderweb!
More spiderwebs! And the tiny mareng ghosts had taken over everything *spoopy*

We had all sorts of lovely snacks and delicious chocolate cake, courtesy of Tinde. The tiny mareng ghosts were an absolute delight! ♥

...until I killed one...
(How do you kill a ghost?)
The cake was AWESOME! Every chocoholic's dream ♥
Iinamon's second boyfriend Bob looking over the table featuring Graveyard dirt, Mummy wieners, Dragon scales, Ghostcakes, Alligator skinflakes, Deadly Nightshade, Snake venom, Brain chunks, the dips Black Bat sneeze and Alien Sneeze are missing from the picture.
Outfit selfie ;P

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


New modem didn't fix my connection issues, so I'll have to wait until Friday for Mr. J to see what the fuck is wrong with the settings on my computer. I can't solve the issue on my own and it's driving me off the wall! >.<

Friday, November 14, 2014

Another forced break

I'm really bummed out right now, since I was planning to do another Halloween post but can't. I switched to a new Internet provider last week and my new plan was supposed to start on Monday. Well, it doesn't work and the old plan has been ended, so I haven't had a stable internet access at home since Monday. I've tried to troubleshoot the whole thing with Mr. J, with the service rep and by myself, but I can't figure out why it doesn't work. It just doesn't work and it's driving me crazy!

The internet provider promised on Monday to send me a new modem to try in case the issue is with the one I received, but they only shipped it out yesterday. I'm glad I'm heading to Seinäjoki to see my parents for the weekend, I think I'd go crazy at home without internet... It's stupid how addicted I am! Luckily I have my mobile & tablet that have their own online systems, so I can still chat with friends and use Instagram. :P


Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween, part I: Bella Morte & Underworld ~ Release the Bats III

Oops, another month has passed again. I admit that blogging hasn't really been on my mind lately. I did however attend a nice Halloween party and actually made a costume for it, so lets look at that, shall we? :)

The final costume:

Cthulhu is my homeboy!
It was pretty much impossible to find the right shade of purple fabric, but I eventually chose a satin one. The colour looks very different in different lighting, and all the in progress pics are taken with my phone. I ended up using 1½ metres of purple satin and 1½ metres of black satin, 2 bags of foam filling + some remainders of an old pillow and about 12 metres of metal wire. I actually ended up shaving my eyebrows too in the middle of putting on my makeup, so now I'm sporting the cancer-alien look for a couple of weeks... :P

Not a whole lot to choose from.
In the process, most of the tentacles already sewn together and filled with foam
Hair all poofed up! I actually still had my eyebrows at this point, but this is how blonde I naturally am - you can hardly even spot them!
I actually would have loved to find some white/silver spray-on hair colour, but all I found was black and orange. Boo!
Mirror selfie of the outfit - can you tell who I'm supposed to be?
The only closeups I had of the makeup were taken with my phone, so really crappy quality!
Bummed that I ran out of time and forgot to take a purple eyeshadow to do some contouring. :(
Poor unfortunately soul!
Gothic Ursula! ^_^ I've always loved the Little Mermaid (the original story more than the Disney version) and these days my black heart beats for the bad guys & gals ♥

If I'd had more time, I would've added suction cups to the tentacles - if I could figure out a way to do it that wouldn't drive me up the wall, that is. I would've also done the shell necklace and earrings and would've gotten my hair a more suitable colour. I didn't want to get a wig for this, even though trying to get my hair back to normal was absolutely horrible! I also took the easy way out and just bought a lace blouse with a suitable sweetheart neckline, even though it's not fully visible here. I wore a second-hand fishtail skirt under the tentacles, which I sewed as a belt.

Tiina's new pal Bob tried to get a little frisky with yours truly. ;P
Overall I'm really happy with the way the whole costume came out, considering I only spent like three days putting it together. :) The makeup could've been better, especially with the contouring, but I got a lot of compliments and was happy with it myself, so yay! ♥

The party was nice, lots of people had dressed up and really put a lot of effort in their costumes! I didn't actually take any pictures at the party, but you can find some here (only for FB-users, sorry!).

Now I need to go get some rest, so I can try to be productive at work tomorrow. Only 363 more days till Halloween! o/

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