Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Halloween, part II: Halloweener

We had another Halloween party hosted by Tiina, Tinde and myself on the 31st. I dressed up in the morning so I could scare my coworkers - successfully too. I didn't have a specific costume, so I ended up throwing on a wig, messy makeup, fake blood and a long poofy skirt. The horns were an impulse thing I did in the morning.

Managed to scare a couple of coworkers with this getup, tee hee hee ;)

I rushed off to Tiina's place straight from work to help her with the decorations and got some last minute shopping done when Mr. J got there.

The paper garlands were from Tiger, we also had a bat-one. And lots of spiderweb!
More spiderwebs! And the tiny mareng ghosts had taken over everything *spoopy*

We had all sorts of lovely snacks and delicious chocolate cake, courtesy of Tinde. The tiny mareng ghosts were an absolute delight! ♥

...until I killed one...
(How do you kill a ghost?)
The cake was AWESOME! Every chocoholic's dream ♥
Iinamon's second boyfriend Bob looking over the table featuring Graveyard dirt, Mummy wieners, Dragon scales, Ghostcakes, Alligator skinflakes, Deadly Nightshade, Snake venom, Brain chunks, the dips Black Bat sneeze and Alien Sneeze are missing from the picture.
Outfit selfie ;P

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