Sunday, November 2, 2014

Halloween, part I: Bella Morte & Underworld ~ Release the Bats III

Oops, another month has passed again. I admit that blogging hasn't really been on my mind lately. I did however attend a nice Halloween party and actually made a costume for it, so lets look at that, shall we? :)

The final costume:

Cthulhu is my homeboy!
It was pretty much impossible to find the right shade of purple fabric, but I eventually chose a satin one. The colour looks very different in different lighting, and all the in progress pics are taken with my phone. I ended up using 1½ metres of purple satin and 1½ metres of black satin, 2 bags of foam filling + some remainders of an old pillow and about 12 metres of metal wire. I actually ended up shaving my eyebrows too in the middle of putting on my makeup, so now I'm sporting the cancer-alien look for a couple of weeks... :P

Not a whole lot to choose from.
In the process, most of the tentacles already sewn together and filled with foam
Hair all poofed up! I actually still had my eyebrows at this point, but this is how blonde I naturally am - you can hardly even spot them!
I actually would have loved to find some white/silver spray-on hair colour, but all I found was black and orange. Boo!
Mirror selfie of the outfit - can you tell who I'm supposed to be?
The only closeups I had of the makeup were taken with my phone, so really crappy quality!
Bummed that I ran out of time and forgot to take a purple eyeshadow to do some contouring. :(
Poor unfortunately soul!
Gothic Ursula! ^_^ I've always loved the Little Mermaid (the original story more than the Disney version) and these days my black heart beats for the bad guys & gals ♥

If I'd had more time, I would've added suction cups to the tentacles - if I could figure out a way to do it that wouldn't drive me up the wall, that is. I would've also done the shell necklace and earrings and would've gotten my hair a more suitable colour. I didn't want to get a wig for this, even though trying to get my hair back to normal was absolutely horrible! I also took the easy way out and just bought a lace blouse with a suitable sweetheart neckline, even though it's not fully visible here. I wore a second-hand fishtail skirt under the tentacles, which I sewed as a belt.

Tiina's new pal Bob tried to get a little frisky with yours truly. ;P
Overall I'm really happy with the way the whole costume came out, considering I only spent like three days putting it together. :) The makeup could've been better, especially with the contouring, but I got a lot of compliments and was happy with it myself, so yay! ♥

The party was nice, lots of people had dressed up and really put a lot of effort in their costumes! I didn't actually take any pictures at the party, but you can find some here (only for FB-users, sorry!).

Now I need to go get some rest, so I can try to be productive at work tomorrow. Only 363 more days till Halloween! o/


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