Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Hair update - green and blonde

So I had green hair. Had. I sort of exchanged a necklace for some green hairdyes, and one Tuesday I just decided to begin the process. It was all very ex tempore, and I spent the whole freaking day bleaching, blonding and dyeing my hair. The result wasn't too bad, I had a lovely dark green and a bright poisonous green, and I mixed them up to a pretty cool combination. I also dyed my roots black.

I had visited my family ealier in the beginning of August since it was my brother's birthday, and DCF had also celebrated her birthday the week before. The weekend included (among other things) a very strange atmosphere (and cats! ♥) at a movie night hosted by friends, but this isn't about that, this is about hair. I asked my mom to cut it slightly, since I'd noticed some split ends. I'll admit, I screamed when I heard the scissors snap and saw a wad of hair come out, but she promised she only cut the worst dry part off and then evened it out. And my hair looks so much fuller and healthier! It felt so wonderful I kept playing with it the whole weekend. :) (Sounds dirty, when you take this out of context...)

Chopped off!
3 bleaches in I think?

After 5 or 6 bleaches
Anywho, after I washed my hair the first time after dyeing it, the green started to fade out. Eventually it just turned to horrible combination of dirty orange, bright blueish green, and ugly faded green. It was sort of appropriate for autumn, but looked just bad, so I bleached it out again. Alltogether I've bleached my hair 6 times now, and my roots are white with the rest of the hair gradually turning to orange/brown. It's still a work in progress, but I'm not touching the green again! Actually, I discovered an awesome shade of purple that looks amazing - at least in someone else's hair, and ordered some online. Also bought a silver shampoo to try and fix the "oranginess" out before trying on the purple.

Even though it looks kinda weird right now, I'm happy, because I've been missing blonde hair lately. Back in high school when I first dyed my hair it was really long and very blonde, and I have to admit - I loved it! :)

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