Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Summer vacation ahead!

I only have two (and a half) days of work left before it's finally my vacation! There's quite a few things we've talked about doing with Mr. J, but the big one is a trip to Edinburgh in a week's time! The only travelling I've done within Europe (exluding Stockholm and Tallinn) has been limited to switching planes at Heathrow and Frankfurt, so it's nice to actually get to leave the airport. ;) Mr. J on the other hand has visited Scotland before on a whiskey tour.

I'm asking you dear readers for some hints for the trip: are there any "musts" we should do and see? We'll be there for five days from Wednesday morning to Sunday evening, so not a whole lot of time. Since Mr. J is a whiskey (and beer) enthusiast, there'll be no shortage of pubs etc., but I'm interested in the more perhaps darker aspects of the city. Any tips are welcome! :)

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  1. Eat some actual haggis! You can get it anywhere and you will feel bad if you haven't tried it (if you're vegetarian or vegan try veggis)


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