Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Let your Geek flag fly!

So my hunky new boyfriend Mister J ♥ introduced me to Teefury in the beginning of August. He had these really cutesy and funny geeky shirts, and when I spotted the 'Time Traveler' tee on August 7th, I instantly bought it. The print is absolutely amazing! ♥ Since then I've also purchased 'I am the Bad Wolf' tee as well as a few others that have yet to arrive. I love the Tenth Doctor and Rose is my favourite companion, so how could I resist?! ♥__♥

'Time Traveler' in black and 'I am the Bad Wolf' in navy
Closeups of the prints, taken with flash
I also browsed through some user pictures and found a few prints that I absolutely loved, but obviously had missed, since the prints are only available for 24 hours. I followed one of the artists on Facebook and found that they had shirts for sale on RedBubble. The site isn't as inexpensive as Teefury, but they provide more colour options and also gave out a discount code with your first order. I ended up getting one of the shirts I really wanted, 'Doctor Gru' - a mashup between Doctor Who and Despicable Me (minions! ♥) and 'Bad Wolf' (a mashup of Doctor Who and Game of Thrones) in dark gray for my brother as a belated birthday present. Unfortunately I don't have a picture of my own of his shirt, but it looked amazing and he loved it! :) I ended up using the sale code quite soon after receiving the first ones and bought a SuperWhoLock, which features chibi versions of Castiel from Supernatural, The Doctor and Sherlock Holmes from the new Sherlock series (which is awesome btw, check it out NOW, if you already haven't!).

'SuperWhoLock' in dark gray and 'Doctor Gru' in navy
Closeup of the prints
You may have noticed how I stepped out of my comfort zone with these shirts, since they're not all black! I didn't like how they looked on other colours and not all of them would stand out on a black background. I still kept the colours dark though! ;P

The shirts are all wrinkly since they've all been used, two of them I dug out from the laundry basket for taking pictures. The only thing I don't like about these shirts is the neckline, I'm going to have to customize them a bit. I want a bigger neckline, with these "traditional" tees I feel like I'm choking! :P


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