Sunday, July 14, 2013

Lumous 2013

I finally have some energy to write about the highlight of my summer, Lumous Gothic Festival. I couldn't attend all the festivities this year because I couldn't get time off of work, so I made the most of the time I had. I had to skip Thursday Opening club altogether due to sleep deprivation and Friday being a regular working day.

When I got home from work on Friday, I spend an hour or two napping so I'd have the energy to party all night! I was originally supposed to head to Klubi by nine, but ended up being ready around 9:15, when Tinde and TomVi picked me up on their way. The only pictures I have from Friday were taken by other people, and are ...well, not that publishable. ;) Shame, since I don't have a decent picture of my outfit, I was really loving the Lip Service skirt, got to wear it for the first time!
Candid snapshot by Tinde
Chatting with Ravenoaris
Friday ended up being really great, I met two lovely ladies who confessed being readers of my blog, met several familiar faces, had a few drinks, ignored the pouring rain outside the club, danced my butt off during Cryo's gig, talked to a person from a year ago, ignored another from a couple years back, ended up walking home with big blisters on the balls of my feet, had a random stranger try to chat me up on the way home and laughed at a police car driving reeeeaaaaallly slow past me. A good evening with lots of fun! ^__^
Pic courtesy of Goottimies, taken a little before I decided to head home.
I have a pink glitter bat on my hair, I seem to have misplaced it so I couldn't take a better picture
Saturday's plan was to head out to Dark Market at Vapriikki by 12:00. I hitched a ride with TomVi and Tinde again as it began to rain and I was running late. We met up with Pupuhyppy, Sipulimies and Disa, checked out what the sellers had to offer (which wasn't that much this year, IMHO), and waited for one more person who chose not to show up in the end. I bought a pair of spiderweb stockings and a Lumous-key chain for my work badge.
Our traditional Lumous photos for the year, always in the same spot! :P
I'm wearing my awesome Lip Service maxi dress, super comfy! ♥

Pupuhyppy, pretty as ever ♥
My hair sucks, I still had it up in my sleepy bun -__-
The things I bought from Lumous, not much, but enough. :)
From the market we headed out for some food. We were planning on going to Napoli for some pizza but didn't have the patience to wait for a table so we chose to get some Kotipizza instead. We also drove the guys nuts by wanting to go look at some shoes and clothes, but made it up with waffles. :) Then we parted ways to prepare for another night of partying.

Pupuhyppy came over to my place and we got ready together. I was having a wardrobe malfunction because I knew which skirt I wanted to wear but couldn't get any top to work with it. She was very helpful with the options and it was nice having her company, it's been too long since the two of us hang out together! ♥
I had ordered some hair chalk from ebay, but they didn't arrive in time. I ended up mixing Fudge purple and pink together with some conditioning treatment, and dyed the ends of my hair. I love it!
I tried something new with my hair and gathered it all onto the right side of my head. It looked really nice on this side, but I'm not too sure about the left side...
It may not look like it, but I was quite sloshed around the time of this picture (already, hah!) and it looked like I was groping Pupuhyppy, hence the cropping! (also to hide my ice cream baby)
With Vivian
Someone had left a really important message for some dude - in the ladies bathroom, on every freaking stall wall
I had a lot of fun on Saturday, despite the fact that Deviant UK had to cancel due to perfecly understandable and unfortunate reasons. We got to the club quite late, and spent most of the night on the terrace. I just love all these people and the feel of it all. And yeah, some of these gothy people are really hard to warm up to and tend to stick to their own familiar groups and it sucks, but I love the fact that there are so many clubs and happenings like this in Finland. I feel like I belong.

Disa & Pupuhyppy
Meemu & Pinklady
TomVi & Tinde ♥
Anywho, I had a bit too much to drink, but man, I had so much fun! I slept really late on Sunday morning, so I missed the goth bloggers meet on Gothnic, but managed to drag my ass to the park eventually to meet up with Pupuhyppy and Sipulimies. I stayed for a while before heading home for a shower and a nap, and eventually decided it would be best to skip the End club altogether. I didn't really want to, but I was exhausted (I had been working overtime the past week, 12 days straight at the office had left me half-dead) and had to wake up early for work on Monday morning - with the lovely addition of a dentist's appointment in the morning. I'd like to think that I was missed, at least by one person, but one can never tell.
I'm quite bummed that it's all over now, but seeing how I was immediately back to my old tricks, maybe it's just a good thing... ;)

...aaaand no surprises about the face.
And in other news - Boyfriend and I broke up on Monday. Didn't come up as a surprise to anyone close to me seeing as I'd been unhappy for a while. It was a mutual decision in the end, no drama, no fuss. A bit awkward in the end, but a relief to both of us, I think. :) Onwards to new adventures! ♥


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