Tuesday, January 8, 2013

New Year's Eve

After Christmas I only spent a day or two at home, and then headed to my boyfriend's for New Year's. We decided just to chill out, and spend the weekend eating all things nom, enjoying a bit of bubbly on Monday, and going out to see fireworks. We stuck to that plan, and had a quiet but nice time together. :)
I surprised myself by getting this shirt in wine-red instead of black, I really like it!

We had a bottle of 'Queen Berry' sparkling wine, cause I prefer them sweet and berrylicous, but man was that bottle a bitch to open! The cork was super stuck and would not budge, so it took a while to get it open, and naturally it had shaken during the process... Oh well, we didn't make too much of a mess. :P
Makeup was silver and black
I really loved my nails, I used Golden Rose matte black nailpolish
with a cool lilac KoneHelsinki lilac sparkly one on top
 I took a few pictures before we decided to head outside, I tried to capture my make up (bats! was inspired by my shirt with flying black bats that form a heart) and then fooled around with the webcam (something I tend to do wayy~ too often).

I have some bubbly in the ridonculously photogenic plastic mug
"Honey, what are you doing?" -ummm.....
Flying butts! ♥
I didn't make any promises for 2013, but I aim to keep on improving myself both mentally and physically. I hope you're all up to a good start for the year! :)



  1. Ihana tuo meikki! ♥ Todella kaunis, ohut eyeliner toimii kyllä todella hyvin erikoisempiin rajauksiin. Tykkään enemmän ohuvista rajauksista kuin paksuista.^^


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