Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Radio silence - but not silent radio!

Last week ended up being devastating to my entertainment electronics. First I accidentally dropped my  on the floor resulting in several rows of dead pixels. Later on the same day I decided I'd listen to my iPod ("classic" 60G) on the way home only to discover a huge black dead spot on the screen. It seems the doodoopod has struck against something pointy, the thick glass surface is still perfectly intact but stuff underneath it is broken. I can barely see anything on the screen since the gash is on the left side. It lights jo, it works, and I can still listen to music, but it's impossible to actually see what I'm selecting.

As if all this wasn't enough, my precious laptop had a horrible battle with my teamug, and I'm sad to say the mug won. The result was some sort of shortcut that rendered the keyboard completely unsable and the "keys" continuously being used even though nobody was touching anything. I had big cry about it, since it was alle my own fault and really stupid, but luckily my boyfriend was there to make me feel better by saying that it can be fixed and that he knew a place where to take My Precious. Hopefully I'll heti it back on Friday or early next week. It's going to cost me a lot of money, so I desperately need to sell stuff to make up for the expense by selling stuff I don't need!

It really sucks being without my laptop, since I'm a total FB-addict and addicted to the Sims Social as well, haha. No but seriously, all my photos and music and MY WHOLE LIFE is on that thing! I already had some pictures edited and ready to be posted and things to write about, but all that has to wait. I tried to revive my ole laptop but after spending yesterday fighting with it I sorta gave up. It crashes when I try to use Digsby to IM people; it crashes when I have more than one tab open in Firefox; it completely refuses to install Skype so I could talk to my boyfriend...-__-# Not cool.

Well, at least my TV works (knock on wood) and I brought my radio home from work so I can listen to my favourite radio djs host their 55-hour bit for the Red Nose Day -charity radio marathon. YleX Aamu, yay!

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