Saturday, December 8, 2012

December, time for gifts and greed

Dear Satan *uhm* Santa...

I can't promise I've been a good girl this year,
in fact I think I've pretty much been the exact opposite...

But please please bring me these lovely items this year?

Diesel Loverdose edp, I'm in love with this scent, but still don't own it *sadface*

Pretty spikey headband by Tiia Vanhatapio, Seppälä jewelry&hair accessories selection
I actually already got this, because I sort of pressured my boyfriend to get it for me.... >:)

With this OBH Nordica Björn Axén Tools Slide Curler even an idiot like me would be able to curle my own hair... It looks like the price of this one varies A LOT depending on where you look - from 49e to 90e! So please Satan ---Santa, be sensible.

There's also a couple movies I'd like to stashin my bookshelf - both of which I went to see and enjoyed immensily this year:

Iron Sky

Batman ~ The Dark Knight Rises,
of which I'm hoping to get the full trilogy, since I don't own any of the movies yet.
(All pictures from google)



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