Sunday, January 25, 2015

Belated Hexmas post and other stuff

I was going to write about Christmas, but there really isn't much to write about. We spent a few nights with My. J's parents and a couple nights with my parents. I was surprised with how many presents I got in the end and how very little of them were chocolate!

Prezzie pile!
The biggest present (in both prize and size) was a fitting doll sponsored by mom! ♥ I've been wanting one for years now, but since my sewing and crafting has been quite nonexistent lately and those things are expensive, getting one has been on the backburner for a long long time. 

Prymadonna fitting doll from Eurokangas, size M
I discovered that Eurokangas was selling customisable fitting dolls in two different colours and different sizes for 159 € and finally decided to get one! I thought about getting the purple version, since I mostly use black clothes so it would be easier to differentiate the clothes from the the background, but wound up getting the black version in the end. It does feel a bit flimsy though, but as a tall girl with a long torso I really love that this one has a customisable waist/back height! The only thing I hate about this is clearly seeing how big I've gotten...

I've been really stressed out for the past week with possible changes in my living arrangements. I also have a ton of stuff I don't really need, so I've been slowly going through everything and trying to figure out what to keep. Tiina already helped me decide which items to keep in my wardrobe/jewelry box and which ones to get rid of. She's really damn effective, I wouldn't have been able to make all those choices by myself! :D

The "for sale" -clothes pile, not even all of it.
And the "for sale" -jewellery, accessories & other stuff -pile, also not all of it.
Hopefully I can shave off all the extra stuff from my belongings before actually having to lug everything around... 


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