Friday, December 5, 2014


I'm finally getting my computer back today! \o/ Two thumbs up everything actually works properly... :P

Meanwhile, I've set myself a makeup challenge for December, pics available on my Instagram! Since I'm a hoarder of all sorts of things, especially cosmetics, I set a challenge to actually put on makeup every day this month. I tend to be really lazy in the mornings and much rather spent the "extra" minutes playing HayDay rather than paying attention to my face... Which leads me to have all these pretty lipsticks and rad eyeshadows that I never use. I even hoarded more makeup from Sugarpill, Lunatic Cosmetics Lab and Makeup Academy during their Black Friday / Cyber Monday sales, so all the more reason to start using stuff!

I get to spend another weekend with Mr. J, so even though work is hectic, I'm feeling pretty good today! Have a great weekend everyone! ^_^



  1. Mä toivoisin lisää meikkijuttuja, tyttöhömppä on kivaa! Saisko sun meikkikokoelmasta postausta? :)

    1. Toi onkin kiva idea, täytyy katsoa josko saisi tarpeeksi valoa tässä joku päivä kuvailua toteuttaa. :)


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