Sunday, December 14, 2014

DIY Edward Scissorhands -costume

We had an Oscar Gala -themed Christmas party at work, and there was a preferred dress code. Apparently not everyone had read the invitation, since they didn't realize they could dress up as a movie character and not only in evening gowns. A lot of people hadn't worn anything special but some had really cool outfits!

It took me a really long time to decide who I'd want to go as, since the "genre" was so broad. I thought about using my Ursula-costume from Halloween but switching to the more authentic silvery white hair and purple makeup, if I couldn't come up with another costume. I also thought about another Halloween costume idea that I've yet to do: a starlet from an old black and white silent movie from the '20s, but that would require a lot of gray body paint and a small blackboard for text.

From the start I had decided to go as a character instead of an actor or a guest, since I like to dress up in costumes. Mom suggested I go as one of Helena Bonham-Carter's characters, but I was leaning more towards a male character just for the heck of it. When Tinde suggested I do Edward Scissorhands, after I had already played with the thought, I finally decided to go for it. Especially when I was told I wouldn't be able to pull it off with such a limited time and budget!

Painting them buckles with some bling! Unfortunately I accidentally left the opened bottle like that overnight and lost about half of what was left and the rest got all clumpy. Sadface, it was a really nice silver polish and they no longer make it! :'(

I got buckles (1,50 €) and some wide elastic (1,70 €) from a flea market, used some silver nailpolish to paint them (had ran out of silver spray paint) and built the costume around a pair of black college pants and a black turtleneck shirt (7,99 €) with a pair of black studded shoes. The studs I had from earlier (also second-hand, two huge bags of them) so decided to slap a bunch of them on the elastic as well. I didn't really follow the original costume that much, I decided to put a lot more effort in my scissorhands and makeup.

Making the gloves for the hands - remember to check which way your fabric stretches, cause I sure didn't! ;P Saves you time if you don't need to redo this step...

I couldn't find cheap gloves so I made them too from some black tricot fabric. I just traced my hand, (forgot to check which way the fabric stretches, had to redo it!) and then taped (5,99 €) a bunch of cardboard-duct tape "scissors" on to them. I had originally made the scissor bits rounded from the other end, but had to cut them straight since they proved difficult to tape. They turned out pretty cool, even though I used the very last evening in making them!

My lovely left scissorhand.
It was impossible to bend my fingers because of the cardboard and all that tape!

The finished costume! I'm pretty proud of myself, I liked the way it turned out. I managed to cut my hands a lot during the process of making the costume, which I found ironically hilarious. I opted to go as the genderbent  version of "Edward", seeing as I didn't even want to try to bind down my boobs. ;)

Derpy pose, but at least you can see the whole thing.
A dark, lonely soul
I didn't have a chance to try out the makeup beforehand, but I had watched through a couple of tutorials (there's a bunch of them out there!). I brought a ton of makeup with me to be able to pull this off, and used a Sleek makeup foundation that was a couple shades too light with Grimas translucent powder for the base. I then used Grimas scar wax (bought it a couple years back for a Halloween costume) to make very quick and basic scars that I lined with a brown and purple eyeshadow to make them pop. Then I used a dark purple, brown and black eyeshadows for my eyes (I didn't hide my natural eyebrows, since they are very light anyways) and some purple to draw out my cheekbones. Lips are done with just lipbalm and the purple eyeshadow. I really hope the makeup wasn't as lopsided as it looks in these pictures though...

I ended up winning the best female(?) costume! I was super stoked about this, though a lot of my coworkers told me they voted for me. This year's prize was a golden "Oscar" statue and a box of chocolate truffels. I actually won last year's competition too with my quick (rein)deer -look, so now I'm really psyched to keep this going! :P

This is what a winner looks like, bitches!


Bonus pic: the stupid powder box thought it would be hilarious if it totally exploded in my purse. It really fucking wasn't.
Argh! I really hated cleaning this up and the bag still looks horrible. 

TL;DR: Made an Edward (Edwina cuz of boobs!) Scissorhands costume using only about 16,20 €. (I only bought the shirt, the buckles, the black tape and the black wide elastic, all other stuff I had already). Was told I couldn't do it but proved them wrong and won 1st prize, suckas! ♥


  1. Such a cool costume once again!^^

    1. Thanks! For something put together in such a short time, I'm really happy how it turned out. ^_^


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