Saturday, November 16, 2013


Ihana ystäväiseni Pupuhyppy aka Tiina tosiaan teki miulle muutamia vaatteita kaapissani kauan jemmatuista kankaista. Hän on myöskin juuri avannut oman Etsy-kauppansa sekä uuden blogin. Käykäähän tutustumassa! ^_^

Tässä näitä luomuksia, harmi, ettei aikataulut oikein tahdo mennä yksiin, joten en saanut vielä parempia kuvia esiteltäväksi.

Dress from "newspaper" tricot with black shoulder straps that cross at the back
Black stretch harness with black plastic o-rings.
What I should've done with this dress is to wear the black chain that it comes with, but I forgot.
Also not the best piece to show the harness over, especially since my black bra straps show underneath, so there's a little too much going on in the shoulder area in this pic...
Do the booty tootch! ;D
The same dress with a black pleather bolero / shrug. Apparently these were a pain in the ass to make, so there might not be more even at a request.
Black pleather bolero / shrug with ruffled sleeves.
Super shiny silver pleather bolero / shrug
Derp-face and the shiny space bolero / shrug! :P
My sweet and talented friend Pupuhyppy (aka Miss Bunnyhop aka Tiina) made me some cool clothes from the fabrics I had stashed in my closets. She has also just opened her Etsy-store and a new blog, go check 'em out! ^_^

Here are some quite poor pictures of the items she made, unfortunately I didn't have anyone to take the pictures for me and my poor little Canon isn't very good with self-timer... :P 

Vertical stripe dress, very burtonesque!
Shown here with the black metal chain that goes with the newspaper dress, doesn't really work with this one but oh well...
Short jacket made from a really cool printed jeans-type of fabric, it has little skulls here and there!
It got too cold too soon this autumn, so I didn't get a chance to actually wear it, but come spring time it's getting some uses! ^_^
The jacket from behind, also my behind... :P
The last pictures I took turned out really crappy, but here's a skirt from the same black print fabric. My camera batteries and daylight ran out, so unfortunately I don't have a decent picture from the back. The skirt has a really nice lacing in the back, it looks really cool!
The top is store-bought, I don't have any tops/shirts from her yet, but I'm sure that'll soon change!
Tämmöistä tällä kertaa, jospa piakkoin saisin muutakin postausta aikaiseksi. Mukavaa lauantain jatkoa kaikille!


PS. Nimi Pupuhyppy tulee muutaman vuoden takaa, jolloin hän nimesi itsensä Miss Bunnyhop:siksi. Nimi kääntyi uuden blogin myötä suomeksi ja on jäänyt elämään. :)

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