Friday, March 13, 2015

Black clouds on my mind

I've been off my meds a couple of days now, mostly because I forgot to go to the pharmacy. I'm getting moodier by the hour, which is probably partly responsible for me taking the news of Sir Terry Pratchett's death so hard yesterday. One of my favourite authors of all time and a brilliant mind is gone and I shed several tears over this.

Nobody told me growing up was this hard, all your heroes and people you respect getting older and eventually dying. It's horrifying.

I'm also in the middle of my fat-angst again, which means I'm either
A) thinking about starving myself to get that slim, beautiful figure, or
B) feeling like an absolute failure stuffing everything tasty down my throat in my 'Fuck you all' -mentality. 

I hate this, I absolutely hate it. Feeling like I'm not worthy as a person, because of my size. Being considerably bigger than all my friends, who - to add insult to the injury - are also several years younger (even though I'm probably more childish than all of them combined). I feel left out and recently have started to fear that I'm no longer needed.

I hate this.

I need my meds back.


1 comment:

  1. Mitähän tähän sanoisi.. No, itsestänikin tuntuu ettei mahdu tiettyyn porukkaan eikä ole haluttua persoonaa. Saati sitten tuntuu, että kohdellaan eri tavalla vain koska olen lyhyt, pienempikokoinen jne. :D Että joo, kai sitä viihtyy paremmin muussa seurassa.


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