Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Movies and sushi

Pupuhyppy and I decided to have a sushiparty with movies and that happened last Saturday of August. We invited a few friends (all of whom couldn't make it) and assigned for everyone to bring some ingredients. Potluck sushi! o/ Everyone got to make their own rolls with whatever they wanted and in the end we made way too much... Mr. J was booked by a whole-weekend lan party hosted by his friends, so he couldn't make it this time.
Sipulimies, Tinde and TomVi making sushi
The movies we watched were The Purge, Afflicted and Machete Kills.

Ravenoaris and Tinde on the background, Pupuhyppy with her orange hair on the front and the black blob aka TomVi washing his hands.
First one told quite a predictable tale from the near future, where once a year ALL crimes are legal for 12 hours. If left me wanting a little bit more than just your basic greed-murder-blah -crap, there's a lot of things that could go down in a scenario like this, with all sorts of hidden agendas.

Some of the ingredients
Afflicted started out really slow and then got weird. There were some cool spook effects, but not fully convinced with this one either. I can't even remember how it ended?

My humongous pile of food. Used fish, canned tuna, paprika, avocado etc on these, ended up eating only a small portion since I was full of Dr. Pepper that I drank a whole freaking bottle cuz I was so thirsty...
And Machete, what can I say about that? Mr. J and I went to see this one last October when it came out and I have to say, it's still as hilarious as it was the first time! It's so much more ridiculous than the first one was and I seriously hope they won't actually make the third one... Although I'd totally go see that one as well! :D

We had a very nice night just goofing off, munching on food and snacks and questioning some of the logic (Logic? In movies? Inconcievable! ;P) from the movies. Need to do this again, only with tacos/tortillas the next time! :)

Not sure if anyone else took any pictures, but my outfit for the evening was very relaxed.
Top: basic spaghetti strap version from H&M
Dress: long flowy sleeveless dress from H&M
Bolero: black basic one from EMP
Leggings: Disney Villains from Black Milk Clothing


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